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Knights in the Classroom

As a Knight, academics are key.

While we do want our Knights to be smart on the field, being smart off the field is just as important.

Maybe as a young man the classroom isn’t exactly as fun. But we’ve got a good reason for our rules.

The first question college coaches ask us is for a player’s GPA.

If you don’t have a good enough GPA, they simply can’t take you. At most schools, a 3.5 GPA is a requirement for an incoming athlete. That means, since it’s important to colleges, it’s important to us, too.

Our Academic Policy

  1. All Knights players MUST MAINTAIN A 3.5 GPA AT ALL TIMES.
  2. If a Knight is assigned detention at school, he is not allowed to participate in baseball activities until he has served his detention. (He’s also going to have a talk with coach before he gets to play again, too.)
  3. The team sends home biweekly grade reports to be taken to school where the player’s teachers will fill in the form for him. This shows us that our Knights players are competing in the classroom just as well as the field.
  4. Knights players are required to sit in the front row of their classrooms if they are allowed to choose their seat for class.
  5. If at any point a Knights player has a missed assignment in class, he will sit in the stands during practice and do his homework there. Upon completion of his missed assignment, he may rejoin the team on the field.